We are cooperating with well-known knife craftsmen and constantly signing contracts with world-famous designers to launch joint products.

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Steve Cheng

  • Have been working on pocket knives, kitchen knives design and sale for many years.

  • The cooperation products are Lynx Series,Mensae Series,Hydrus Series and Lynx02 Series.
  • We are continuing to launch products.

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    Keanu Alfaro

    • From San Diego, California, USA.
    • Owner of Alfaro Designs LLC.
    •  Since 2020,has worked with other brand on over 25 different projects.
    • Has been working with TRIVISA since 2022,you'll see our design soon.

    Denis Antimonov


    • Founder of the D.Antimonov Design studio
    • Collaborations with other pocket knife brands
    • Has been working with TRIVISA since 2022,you'll see our design soon.